My collage work is a combination of watercolour, acrylic, photography, drawing, print-making, hand made paper, and metal. I begin each piece with a photograph and build upon it using a variety of materials to create a rich multi-layered surface. I combine a lifelong interest in all art mediums with experimentation with a variety of techniques to create each piece.

In addition to painting on paper or canvas with watercolour or acrylics, I paint digitally. I sketch in pencil and coloured pen on site, and when I return to my studio, I create a painting using my computer. At times I travel with my laptop and use it to create a sketch on site. I capture the image quickly using broad brush strokes, make notes about colours in the scene, and finish the painting at a later time.

I have had several solo shows, and have been juried into many fine art shows and competitions. I have won numerous awards with my work, and my images are exhibited in collections around the world.

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