My interest in photography began at an early age with a fascination that a moment in time could be captured and printed on paper. I have been capturing and printing images for over 30 years, all the while continuing an exploration of the photographic medium through the use of pinhole cameras, negative and slide film, Polaroid emulsion modification, darkroom techniques and alternative photographic development processes.

My personal focus is nature photography. I am inspired by the rugged coastline of Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada, and search out images by foot and by kayak. I prefer to shoot scenes when the light is changing rapidly; when each click of the shutter captures a dramatically different image.

During my exploration of the photographic medium, I developed an interest in the surreal world of infrared photography. The peculiarity of infrared photography lies in the ability of the film or sensor to record what the eye cannot see. I want my infrared photographs to evoke a sense of wonder and mystery; to allow you to look at a hidden world just beyond the visible light band. My goal when shooting a picture, whether black and white, colour, or infrared, is to create an image that is both interesting and compelling; one which will command your attention and provoke you to thought.

My objective is that you are completely satisfied with every picture you purchase. Therefore, I personally print each photograph in my studio, using only the highest quality archival papers and archival pigment inks to ensure the longest print life and fade resistance. Most of my images are shot in digital format using a variety of 35 mm cameras.

I find a lot of solace in photography - it is a pursuit that allows me to slow the pace of life and pay attention to the details. I carry a camera with me everywhere I go, and take pleasure in bringing out the beauty in things we take for granted.

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